Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Love.. Or Lust?

We all have that Make or model of car that we simply can't take our eyes off when it drives by. Mine? Well It's obviously any Porsche. The engineering behind every bit and piece is simply amazing! Not only cars but SUVs that have defined style and power for each era. Anywhere to the 911 GT1 to the Hybrid Cheyenne I would love to have resting beautifully in my garage.

I wanted to take the time to ask you what is that dream car of yours? Spesfic model or even makes. Post a comment and let it speak from your heart!

Here's a peak into my dream garage. One of the MANY models I would love to own. The 82' 911 SC slant nose edition. I am currently looking for a project of this exact model.

Porsche 911 GT3R... HYBRID?!!!!!!!?

Before I head home for the night, working graveyards is sooo much fun. I'd like to spot light one of Porsche's new ideas. The 911 GT3R HYBRID. That's right folks Hybrid. Porsche has taken their beloved 911 frame and taken this "Green" attitude to the heart of the race track. Leave it to Porsche to make a high powered Hybrid and put it to it's first test in nothing less than the famous Nurburgring 24-hour race! Out of 200 cars, this was the only Hybrid.

This is truly an amazing machine. Utilizing a rear-mounted, 480-hp 4.0-liter flat-six in conjunction with two electric motors that drive the front wheels. Sitting in the space normally reserved for the passenger seat sits a flywheel, which harnesses kinetic energy under braking and can spin upwards of 40,000 rpm. Once enough energy is stored, the system lets loose up 160 horsepower to the front wheels in six to eight second bursts that are controlled by a steering wheel-mounted button. Much like the normal Hybrid on the roads of America this energy is created though break power. Just think.. Flying around the track and while breaking for each cornor you are gaining more raw energy to power through the up coming straight away.

Above, a diagram showing the workings of major components in this amazing machine. You can see that the general idea is close to what a road going hybrid uses today. Exept for the flywheel sitting in the passenger side seat, I wonder, could it be louder than my Ex nagging at me from the passenger seat? 

Porsche has set no release date for a road going version but has tested this car extensively so far. There are many videos on youtube and you can tell they are proud of the direction they are going with this. Race dates have been set the U.S. competing at Road Atlanta on Oct. 2 Since the GT regulations have no laws for Hybrid technology, Porsche will not be competing for points but using this as a rolling laboratory so to speak as they are still working on their Hybrid drive trains . This will sure mark for an intersting event in the Petit Le Mans series.

Rumors say, 2012 will mark a factory capacity return to Le Mans with a race car that uses technology similar to that in the 911 GT3 R Hybrid. Porsche, your new Porsche Intelligent Performance as raised the mark in not only the racing world but for cars all around. I salute you.

If you'd like to see the Nurburgring 24-hour video, here it is!

A heart fueled all things automotive.

Welcome to my small spot on the internet, I'm a 24 year old car nerd, well nerd all around but cars do it for me the most. I live in Houston, TX with one hell of a car culture and I hope to use this blog to talk about my adventure through the automotive world. To share some words, pictures, and thoughts on all things cars.

At the young age of 14 I fell in love with my first car, a 1978 Porsche 911 Turbo Slant Nose edition, parked center stage outside of the movie theaters. Red in color with black mesh wheels sporting a shiny silver lip and center cap... It was love at first sight. Since that night I have endlessly sought my own prized Porsche and after 14 cars I have to say, not yet. While I enjoy all makes and models my life as centered mainly around the "Import scene" with cheap cars to buy and lists of aftermarket parts galore.

I started my journey in the car world with the help of my parents. The day I turned 16 we went to find a car that was affordable and reliable, two things as a teenager I cared nothing about, but hey a car is a car to my parents. We searched lot to lot  and finally ended up at the DREADED Saturn dealer where I was given the choice of a light gold 4 door SL2 or a red some what sportier coupe SC1. Woe is me, I picked the red SC1. From that day on I have spent more money than I can count between, modifications, repairs, overhauls, tickets, fines, and my worst enemy.. Insurance.

Happily I can say the life of that poor little SC1 did not last long and now I am driving something a bit more towards my taste. My Black F1 Civic. For those of you outside the car world or even all things that are Honda, Black 2009 Civic EX. Below is a quick shot of my baby.

Simply modified for daily use for the time being. Lowered on Teins, Work Meister S1 Wheels, 6k HIDs, Greddy Stainless steel exhaust with a titanium tip, Work Lugs, Mugen Window visors, and a few other things here and there. It's just not a Porsche though ;)

A small start to something I am completely new at, and while I need get some work down since i'm sitting here on the clock.. I hope you'll stop by often and check out what I'll be talking about today or what Porsche I'll be drooling over tomorrow.